TAGteach is an instructional protocol for humans that shares a scientific and practical history with modern positive reinforcement animal training.

Both work on the premise that clear communication and positive reinforcement build solid relationships and facilitate skill acquisition.

Eva and Emelie (Carpe Momentum) are both TAGteach faculty, eligible to certify future TAGteachers. See TAGteach International’s certification page for more information about TAGteach certifications.

Evas journey in TAGteach

The story of TAGteach in Scandinavia started with Eva and Emelie teaming up around their passion for positive reinforcement training. After they had started teaching together in the late 90s, they noticed that clicker training made them good animal trainers – in their classes everything was set up for success for the dogs, split into small pieces and always ensuring that behavior met reinforcement.

But for the human part of the team? As instructors they felt that they wanted to share everything and give all the tools they could to their students, and they strived to set their students up for happy and confident learning (just like with the dogs) but they just didn’t have as elaborate strategies for working with the thinking and talking humans as they had for theirs four-legged companions. Eva spent some time searching the Web, looking for ideas. She came across TAGteach and promptly wrote an email to Theresa McKeon and Beth Wheeler, and that is how the first Primary Certification Seminar came to be hosted in Dingle, Sweden, in 2004.

Since that first seminar in 2004, Emelie and Eva have developed and integrated their TAGteach skills into all their work and also become part of the TAGteach faculty, educating and certifying others.

Eva offers TAGteach lectures, workshops and certification seminars, teaching the TAGteach methodology and helping you apply it to the areas that are relevant for you.

Eva also teaches seminars and workshops focused on human behavior on demand, adapted for each customers or organisations need. She brings to the table her behavior analysis education, her may years as a teacher (both in school settings and within animal training) and of course her TAGteach skills, merging this with the clients’ expertise of their own area of interest.

Some examples of such ventures are:

*Mentoring with teachers of various areas (from music teachers to horse trainers) wanting to improve their task analysis and teaching strategies for specific skills.
*Workshops for dog trainers on setting up for success for the human part of the team.
*Seminar days for dentist nurse students on improving the patient’s experience on the dental visit
*Consulting with psychologists wanting to integrate modern animal training strategies in their work with humans

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