From one reward to the next

Minute details.
Decision making.
Flow charts
Starting points.
Reward deliveries.

Functional assessments.
Training session structure.
Antecedents as consequences, consequences as antecedents…

Seamless flow from one reward to the next!

Eva and Emelie teaching together

From one reward to the next

The intricate details of what actually goes on in our training are super fascinating and well worth a closer look. And when we look closer, we see ABC contingencies everywhere – contingencies that, if we tend to them carefully, make learning (and training) more enjoyable and at the same time more effective.

This minute eye for details within contingencies is what Eva and Emelie specialized in as agility trainers back in the day (see Agility Right From The Start). In 2011 they presented an overview of the topic “From One Reward To The Next” at Clicker Expo (a classic not currently available in recorded form – it’s under production and will come, though), and the theme of seamless flow within the details of the training loop is everpresent in all their work.

Eva frequently teaches seminars and workshops on the topics of “Seamless training sessions from one reward to the next” – which maybe isn’t so much “a topic” as it is a keen eye for details and a skillset for how to help behavior flow with more ease and fewer gaps and bumps – both within tightly structured R+ training sessions and at all other times!

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The webinars and podcasts listed below can also be found in RESOURCES together with all other Eva material


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Other free resources:

There are videos of Eva and Angelica Hesselius dicussing “Exploring Rewards” and “Variable and fluctuating criteria” in Angelica’s free facebook group Reward Based Riding (welcome to join!)

The Dog Real Talk: Episode 4: Eva Bertilsson

Additional recommendations:

● The E&E Book: Agility Right From The Start – in paperback and as e-book!

● Do check out the “Liquid Training” webinars with Eva and Chirag Patel at ABC247

● If you speak Swedish/Scandinavian, we highly recommend joining KUL MED HANTERING

Where else can you find Emelie Johnson Vegh?

In the Carpe Momentum segment on this site
Carpe Momentum på Facebook
Ellinors värld – lovely childrens’ books (featuring positive reinforcement training) in Swedish – with quite a lot of dog training!

Contact information:

You can reach both Eva and Emelie at,
you can contact Emelie directly at
and as usual you can contact Eva Bertilsson at

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