Liquid Training

Liquid Training”, or a fluid training style packed with ABC contingencies, is a theme explored by Eva and British animal trainer Chirag Patel of Chirag Patel Consulting.

Liquid Training
Eva & Chirag

#StayLiquid appeared when Chirag and Eva did a webinar titled “Liquid Training – Chaos or Contingencies” (which turned into a webinar-plus-followup, so that recording includes almost 4 hours of material!). They elaborated further on this theme at the Nordic ABC conference on Iceland in 2022, and more will surely come.

Rest assured, there’s nothing random about this free-flowing approach to training. As the title of the webinar suggests, what might look like chaos is packed with contingencies. We’re talking best practice applications of behavioral principles, with a multitude of decisions being made at a fast pace, moment by moment and with simultaneous considerations of a wide array of factors. 

Liquid Training
Join in the chaos – watch the Liquid Training webinar recording and its follow-up session!
Liquid Training
Also check out the Bucket Game webinar, where Eva joins Chirag in an exploration of the ins and outs of the Bucket Game.
Wanna see a bit of the discussions that lead up to these webinars?
Sneak-peek from the Liquid Training webinar (available as recording)

This is what Eva says about the Liquid Training webinar:

“Hello, I’m thrilled you’ve found your way to this webinar!   As you might know, I’m a big fan of structured training sessions.  I like to plan, prepare and flow chart, do dry runs and make sure I know exactly what to do and when to do it. But at the same time, I love the dynamics and flow of just being in the moment in an interaction, playing off what happens and making decisions on the fly. And some of the best training I know of happens in setups that don’t look much like training at all…
This “liquid” training style is aptly represented by the one and only Chirag Patel. Pinpointing the contingencies that make up a training interaction is a passion of mine, and watching Chirag train is a pure joy that also often pushes my observational skills to their limits. There are just always so many small things going on, the “structure” is typically fluid rather than formal, and behaviors and cues build up in an organic way. 
So, I’m absolutely delighted to get to team up with Chirag for this webinar, exploring  in detail what  is going on under the surface in this  seemingly chaotic, “liquid” training style.  See you there!” //Eva

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