Exploring Nuances

Exploring Nuances is the collaboration between Eva and horse training instructor Angelica Hesselius of Reward Based Art of Riding.

This Angelica & Eva collaboration has its own sub-page on Angelica’s webpage where you can read even more, find future courses, and sign up for a newsletter to get the latest updates!

Exploring Nuances
Eva and Angelica

What is this Angelica/Eva collaboration about?

What might training for a vet exam for a dog (Eva) have to do with finding proprioception in a halt for a horse (Angelica)? If you ask Eva and Angelica; a lot! Although they mostly work in different venues and with different training goals, yet they share a common ground in their approach to training. So in 2021 they spent most of the summer together, spending countless hours together deep-diving into the intricate details of their training, learning more about each others’ training systems and exploring and expanding upon their own training at the same time. They discussed movement and flow, learner autonomy, feeding techniques and so much more – constantly asking “what does that look like”.

So far, their explorations have been made accessible through an array of podcasts and webinars and a very popular online course for reward based horse trainers named “Exploring Rewards” . They also do events on demand both online and in person. Scroll to the end of this page to find links to everything and contact information to both Eva and Angelica!

Exploring Nuances and Exploring Rewards

Exploring Nuances
A webinar for trainers nerdy about details and flow!
Exploring Nuances
IN SWEDISH – Eva and Angelica does a deep dive into the creative use of food reinforcers

The first webinar from the Eva & Angelica collaboration is Exploring Nuances – dressage meets husbandry training where they bring together their work from different venues and with different training goals. They demonstrate how they work with elusive constructs such as relaxation and choice in their practical training, building upon fluent foundational skills and a solid yet flexible session structure.

Preview from Exploring Nuances – Dressage meets Husbandry
Exploring Nuances

After that first summer of exploring training systems, Angelica and Eva have been focusing in on elaborate strategies for using food to its fullest potential in reward based horse training – an area where Angelica has built an unique system over the years, and where she and Eva complement each others perfectly in refining and teaching all possible details!

Exploring Rewards!
Low frustration, high independence
Structure and flow; Pause, start & exit, connection…
Non-stop eating horses, from independent eating to continuous feeding!

The comprehensive Exploring Reward online course is occasionally offered to new groups – see rewardbasedartoftraining.com/exploringnuances for details.

Webinars on the topic of Exploring Rewards (as well as other Angelica & Eva materials) are continuously developing – see bottom of this page for currently available resources, and follow Angelica on instagram to get news, updates and plenty of free training explorations.


The webinars and podcasts listed below can also be found in RESOURCES together with all other Eva material

Webinars with Eva and Angelica

Exploring Nuances – Dressage meets Husbandry

Podcasts with Eva and Angelica

Animal Training Academy [E180] – Exploring Nuances and Connecting Dots

Other free resources with Angelica and Eva:

There are videos of Eva and Angelica dicussing “Exploring Rewards” and “Variable and fluctuating criteria” in Angelica’s free facebook group Reward Based Riding (welcome to join!)

Additional recommendations:

● Do check out the “Liquid Training” webinars with Eva and Chirag Patel – Chirag has been a guest in the Exploring Nuances project, and the “Liquid Training” materials go very well together with the Exploring Nuances webinar.

● If you speak Swedish/Scandinavian, we highly recommend joining KUL MED HANTERING – Eva’s paid membership group for all species in which numerous of Angelica & Eva’s discussions and explorations have been featured.

● Eva & Emelie’s (Carpe Momentum’s) material, especially on Seamlessness from one reward to the next and List of priorities, are well integrated background features in Angelicas reward based horse training, and of course also in Angelicas & Evas joint explorations.

Where else can you find Angelica?

Instagram account Reward Based Art of Riding

Facebook page Reward Based Art of Riding

Facebook group Reward Based Riding

Web pages:
https://www.rewardbasedartofriding.com/  and https://www.rewardbasedhorseacademy.com

Contact information:

You can reach Angelica Hesselius directly at info@rewardbasedartofriding.com
and as usual you can contact Eva Bertilsson at eva@carpemomentum.nu

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