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Vetcare2023 – Sunday evening special

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Opportunity – a few spots available for joining just Sunday Night!
Managing behavior in veterinary and health care situations!
How do we set dogs, staff and owners up for success?
How do we minimise stress when working with fearful dogs?

Where? Vetzoo Backaplan, Backavägen 1, Göteborg SWEDEN
Date? Sunday May 7, 2023.
Time? 17.30 Registration & coffee
18.00 – 21.00 Sessions with live training, problem solving and discussions
For whom? Health care professionals, behavior consultants, groomers, trainers, passionate owners and others interested in setting up both animals and humans for success with less stress. Only human participants though, no dogs please (we have demo dogs we’ll be working with)
Welcome, we look forward to seeing you!
/ Eva & Chirag

Sunday Night Session Description:

This engaging and interactive session is designed specifically for anyone interested in veterinary and health care behaviours and  who want to improve their observations and knowledge in handling dogs during vet visits and training for these occasions. As professionals, we understand the importance of providing a safe, comfortable, and stress-free environment for our canine friends. This session will provide practical tools and techniques that can be applied in daily practice to make a significant difference in the overall experience for dogs, their caregivers, and the veterinary team.

This Sunday Night Session also forms the start of the 4-day event
We are really glad to be able to provide the opportunity for a few people to join just for  the Sunday night!

Key Sunday Night Session Highlights:

  1. Real Dog Demonstrations: With the assistance of two dogs, participants will be able to observe real time training and environmental arrangements related to vertinary and daily care behaviors. This will help develop confidence and competence in handling dogs during various types of vet visits.
  2. Stuffed Dog Demos: Participants will have the opportunity to observe handling techniques including safe low-stress restraint on stuffed dog models. These demos will cover essential skills, such as proper restraint and positioning, to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for both the dog, professional and caregiver.
  3. Question and conversation time will be built into the evening!