Clicker Expo

Clicker Expo is an annual event where animal training enthusiasts and professionals can improve their skills, keep up with the latest techniques, and learn from world experts in positive reinforcement.

Eva and Emelie (Carpe Momentum) are faculty members at Clicker Expo and have been presenting at Clicker Expo every year since 2010, summing up to over a hundred presentations across more than 25 Expos in the USA and Europe.

E&E at Clicker Expo

Known as “the shared brain”, Eva and Emelie are known and loved at Clicker Expo for their seamless duo presentation style and willingness to always talk training in the hallways as well as for their cutting edge presentation material.

Some past E&E Clicker Expo topics include: Agility right from the start, Good agility practices, Noise and movement, Start line stays, Seamless training sessions, From one reward to the next, Reward ends then what, Progress guaranteed with off-cue behaviors, Start buttons behaviors, The ABC of communication, Flow charts, Being your own coach, Teaching group classes, and numerous panel discussions. E&E have also teamed up with colleagues for Expo presentations such as Animals in Control (together with Peggy Hogan), Entering & exiting the ring (with Michele Pouliot), and Backstage pass live training with Hannah Branigan and Chirag Patel.

“Animals in control” is available in the ABC247 webshop, in both English and Swedish!

Some of Eva & Emelie’s Clicker Expo presentations are available as recordings through video-on-demand at


The webinars and podcasts listed below can also be found in RESOURCES together with all other Eva material

Webinars with E&E together:

Video-on-demand at

ABC247: Peggy Hogan & Carpe Momentum – Animals in Control

Teaching Humans: Welcome to Dog Training Class

Teaching the Animal Trainer

Start buttons – what, why and how! An introduction

E&E’s Five Keys to Successful Training – Concepts That Will Make Your Training Rock!

Noise and movement – how to teach your dog to love it and act to get it going!

Podcasts with E&E together:

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy E200 – Transitions in Training

Drinking From the Toilet E23 – Dealing with Errors

Drinking From the Toilet E31 – Start Button Behaviours

Drinking From the Toilet E49 – The Value of Offered Behaviour

Drinking from the Toilet E56 – The Value of Reinforcement Procedures

Drinking From The Toilet E137 – Do you like to watch?

Animal Training Academy – Carpe Momentum; Animal Training flow-charts & choice/control

Other free resources with E&E together:

The first chapter of Agility Right From The Start!

Facebook/Clicker Expo LIVE: 20 minutes of E&E presenting Seamless Agility Training

Additional recommendations:

The E&E Book: Agility Right From The Start – in paperback and as e-book!

Where else can you find Emelie Johnson Vegh?

In the Carpe Momentum segment on this site
Carpe Momentum på Facebook
Ellinors värld – lovely childrens’ books (featuring positive reinforcement training) in Swedish – with quite a lot of dog training!

Contact information:

You can reach both Eva and Emelie at,
you can contact Emelie directly at
and as usual you can contact Eva Bertilsson at

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