CCC – Choice, Control and Communication

CCC – Choice Control Communication – is a conference hosted by Eva in Sweden. There is also a series of webinars under the same umbrella.

CCC webinars on Bucket Game, Snake Training, Choice at the Zoo, Cooperative Care for Kids and TAGteach for conquering a child’s fear of dogs. Plus panels! Available in a bundle or separately.

What is CCC about?

The CCC events are fully focused on Choice, Control & Communication for all individuals.

The CCC conference got started through a group of Scandinavian behavior nerds wanting to get together and dive deep into their passion topics of providing opportunities for Choice, Control & Communication for learners of all species, both non-human and human. This grand idea developed into the in-person CCC conference and social gathering in Sweden, with a groundbreaking group of international speakers and attendees.

The in-real-life CCC conference has so far been held twice, in 2018 (Skara, Sweden) and 2019 (Ljungskile, Sweden). The time for next IRL conference is still not decided… but in the meantime you are very welcome to check out the webinar series at ABC247!


The list below includes all the CCC webinars, also the ones with other presenters than Eva!
For all resources featuring Eva please visit “RESOURCES“.


ABC247: FULL PACKAGE! CCC webinars, spring 2021

ABC247: Chirag Patel – Bucket Game, Out of the Bucket (with Eva Bertilsson)

ABC247: Carrie Davis – Training Snakes? Choice & Control for Every Individual

ABC247: Annette Pedersen – Choices for Welfare at Copenhagen Zoo

ABC247: Emelie Johnson Vegh & Catja Pedersen – Cooperative Care for Kids

ABC247: Tess Erngren – Scary dog? Learners in Control with TAGteach

ABC247: Choise, Control and Quality of Life


Animal Training Academy – CCC – Choice, Control and Communication

Other free resources:

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