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Behavior analysis is the natural science focused on behavior and behavior change in individuals (human and non-human). The topic of behavior analysis deserves its own segment on this website since it is an integrated part of everything Eva does, and since she is an avid disseminator and networker in the cross-section of behavior analysis and practical animal behavior and training.

Eva’s background in behavior analysis

Eva has a master’s degree in behavior analysis from Oslo Metropolitan university. She has been a board member of the Swedish Association for Behavior Analysis (SWABA) since 2013. She has presented on topics related to animal training, cooperative care and TAGteach at various behavior analysis conferences and events in Norway, Sweden and Finland, and was one of the invited speakers when the international behavior analysis conference was held in Stockholm in 2019.

Learn more about behavior analysis

Are you a trainer, animal care professional, or educator? Would you like to leverage the understanding of behavior science for yourself, your team and/or your students, and get the opportunity to dig into geeky topics aided by an expert well versed in both practical animal training and in the scientific field of behavior analysis?
Are you a behavior analysts working with humans (researchers, psychologists, practitians in other fields) looking to learn from best-practice animal training and transfer skills and techniques to research and/or practice with human learners?

Eva offers coaching, mentoring, workshops and digital learning material customized to your needs and the needs of your organization!



ABC247: Liquid Training – Chaos or Contingencies? – Chirag Patel & Eva Bertilsson

ABC247: Animals in Control – Eva Bertilsson, Emelie Johnson Vegh & Peggy Hogan

ABC247: Animals in control – translated to Swedish

ABC247: Att Dansa Med Utsläckning – Från Frustration till Variation


Drinking From the Toilet – Dealing with Errors

Drinking From the Toilet – Stress and Confidence Building

Drinking From The Toilet – Data – Why Bother?

Drinking From The Toilet – Do you like to watch?

ATA – Carpe Momentum; Animal Training flow-charts & choice/control

Additional recommendations:

Books for those wanting to geek out:
The Science of Consequences (Susan Schneider)
Learning (Charles Catania)
Learning and Complex Behavior (Donahue and Palmer)
Behavior Analysis for Effective Teaching (Julie Vargas)
Nonlinear Contingency Analysis (TV Joe Layng et al)
The Blue Books: Goldiamond & Thompson’s Functional Analysis of Behavior
…and of course everything by BF Skinner is well worth reading, for example…
Science of Human Behavior (BF Skinner)
About Behaviorism (BF Skinner)
The Behavior of Organisms (BF Skinner)
Verbal Behavior (BF Skinner)
The Technology of Teaching (BF Skinner)

Websites by well known behavior analysis educator:
Behavior Explorer – Dr Jesus Rosales-Ruiz and Mary Hunter: PORTL and more.
Behavior Works – Dr Susan Friedman, LLA course, LIEBI hierarcy and more.

Organizations for behaviour analysis
The International Association for Behavior Analysis
The BF Skinner Foundation
Swedish Association for Behavior Analysis

Contact information:

As usual you can contact Eva Bertilsson at

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