Agility Right From the Start

In Agility Right from the Start, Eva and Emelie of Carpe Momentum have outlined the ins and outs of their training. This is not a book just for agility nerds – every animal trainer with an interest in how to build a training program with the learner in focus and with consideration of every detail can find inspiration and new ideas here.

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With this book any dog owner and dog, competing or not, can reach new levels of teamwork and understanding. The authors build a rock-solid foundation of dog and human skills and reliability before going anywhere near an obstacle. Above all, what they are doing is FUN. This is training the way it ought to be.” /Karen Pryor – publisher.

In Agility Right From The Start you find the roots of most everything Eva and Emelie (Carpe Momentum) are teaching today – starting training from the rewards, seamless training sessions from one reward to the next and startbutton behaviors, how to keep going when mistakes happen, transports, offered behaviors, reward deliveries and so much more! And of course how to be a kind and efficient teacher also for the human partner – this book is the one of the first books where TAGteach is integrated through TAGpoint suggestions throughout!

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PDF: The first chapter of Agility Right From The Start!

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Karen Pryor Clickertraining (physical or Kindle/E-book)

Examples relating to chapter 9: Transports


The authors “have a deep understanding of the science and a great passion for training. This book takes the reader through a truly systematic approach that I believe all trainers will find extremely valuable…”

– Ken Ramirez, Vice President KPCT

Oh how I wish I’d had this book when I started learning agility! I am truly blown away by it. Everybody involved in the sport, instructors, competitors and students, at every level, should commit each page to memory. Talk about a training bible–this book has it all. After skillfully explaining learning theory and its applications to agility, Bertilsson and Vegh go on to cover all of the foundation, handling and obstacle skills with extreme clarity, making exercises that tend to confound beginning and even advanced students seem totally simple. Plus, readers will learn to harness the power of TAGteaching and use it to train themselves to become awesome handlers. The authors’ purely positive approach and sense of fun would get anybody excited to learn agility! I will never start a puppy again without referring to this book.”

– Leslie McDevitt, MLA, CPCT, CDBC, Author of Control Unleashed


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PDF: The first chapter of Agility Right From The Start!

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Where else can you find Emelie Johnson Vegh?

In the Carpe Momentum segment on this site
Carpe Momentum på Facebook
Ellinors värld – lovely childrens’ books (featuring positive reinforcement training) in Swedish – with quite a lot of dog training!

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You can reach both Eva and Emelie at,
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