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Note: For a complete collection of all Eva Bertilsson resources, see the RESOURCES section! In addition, most of the pages include links to selected webinars, podcasts et c that are relevant for that page’s topic.


The resources section of this site is is a library of links to webinar recordings, podcasts and articles featuring Eva Bertilsson.


ABC247 is Eva’s webshop for webinars and other learning oportunities. Here you find and recorded webinars by favorite speakers in both English and Swedish.


Info about upcoming events.



Contact information for requests regarding consultations, workshops and other events.

Eva Bertilsson och Bailey

About Eva

“Who am I and what am I doing here?”
In the About Eva section you find info about Eva Bertilsson and her background.

Carpe Momentum

Carpe Momentum is the collaboration of Eva Bertilsson and Emelie Johnson Vegh – dream team since 1998! Seamlessness, “from one reward to the next”, startbutton contingencies and Agility Right From The Start are some of their babies.

CCC – Choice Control Communication

Eva’s CCC conference brings likeminded people together to and raise our standards for interactions with individuals of all species (human and non-human)
The CCC project also includes a series of webinars.

SWEDISH “Kul med Hantering”

Cooperative Care is one of Eva’s current focus areas. She runs a Swedish forum and membership group called “Fun with Cooperative Care”.
Nördigt och innehållsrikt- forum och medlemsgrupp med Eva Bertilsson på svenska!

Behavior Analysis

Behavior Analysis is the scientific field focused on individuals’ behavior and learning. Eva has a MSc in behavior analysis and is an appreciated networker and disseminator.

Exotic & Domestic

Eva Bertilsson consults on behavior and training and teaches workshops with various animals in human care, both domestic and exotic species.

Exploring Nuances

“Exploring Nuances” is a project where Eva and horse trainer Angelica Hesselius team up to explore, expand and teach their best training practices.


Eva is one of the teachers​ in the ​OHR+, a​ reward based horse training company focused on education for professionals in Scandinavia.
Yrkesutbildningar inom belöningsbaserad hästträning.


“Liquid Training” is a theme explored by Eva Bertilsson and British behavior consultant Chirag Patel, unpacking the contingencies going on in a seemingly free-flowing approach to training.

From one reward to the next

Attention to the fine details, looking “from one reward to the next” and building seamless training sessions are specialties of Eva’s, developed together with Emelie (Carpe Momentum).

Startbutton Behavior

The label “startbutton behavior” was coined by Eva and Emelie (Carpe Momentum) in the early 2000s and spread widely through their “Animals in Control” collaboration with Peggy Hogan.

Agility Right From the Start

The book Agility Right From The Start by Eva and Emelie (Carpe Momentum) is a comprehensive resource and source of inspiration, valuable way beyond the sport of dog agility.


TAGteach is “clicker training for humans” – an instructional strategy for facilitating learning and improving communication. Eva and Emelie (Carpe Momentum) are both TAGteach faculty.

Fear Free

Eva Bertilsson is an ackredited speaker of Fear Free. Since 2017 she has been inspiring Scandinavians to learn about Fear Free and become Fear Free Certified.

Clicker Expo

Eva Bertilsson is a faculty member of Clicker Expo, a North American conference hosted by Karen Pryor Clicker Academy, typically teaching together with Emelie (Carpe Momentum).


In Eva’s blog you find a variety of old and new blog post, articles and and other material.